When did you first realise you were a cuckold?

//When did you first realise you were a cuckold?

When did you first realise you were a cuckold?

Loose women.

Women who completely disregard your desires.

The girl who was so far out of your league that you had to accept that she would inevitably always have guys who were better than you in every way physically…

When did you realise that you were a cuckold and that you not only accepted that she would entertain other men, but you actually actively desired it?

See, if the thought of the woman you so strongly desire being serviced by other men turns you on immensely, you are probably a cuckold.

If you find the notion of serving your Mistress and her lover obediently (maybe even dressed up in a ridiculous maid’s outfit) in the hope that she will permit you to watch as he beds her extremely erotic then you are probably a cuckold.

If you are actively prowling the dating sites on your Mistress’s behalf searching for the kind of men that she likes you are probably a cuckold.

If you have taken a vow of chastity and devoted yourself to further enhancing your Mistress’s sexual explorations with no expectation of gratification on your part then you are most definitely a cuckold!

What I would like to know though is when did you realise that you had these desires?

When did you suspect that you might be a cuckold?

Answers below….

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  1. cuckboy November 24, 2016 at 8:47 pm

    I’m still quite young, 23, and have been a slave for just over two years. I responded to an ad online from a professional couple who were looking for a live-in slave. The ad did specify a list of duties expected, so I knew what I was getting myself into. I emailed photos of myself and was contacted a few days later for a face to face meeting at a bar. I found them to be very polite and the lady quite sexy, in her mid-30s. He was over 40. They explained that they wanted to own a slave and that they were into holding sex parties and that I would be required to serve at these. I’d also be required to do many of the household chores, vacuuming, ironing, washing up, etc as well as continue to hold down a job. To cut a long story short, they contacted me a few weeks later to say they were accepting me as their live-in slave. My world changed after that. My Mistress is clearly the more dominant one and I’m required to be in attendance during all sexual activity at the house. When Master and Mistress are alone in the bedroom my main duty is to rim my Mistress during penetration and to lap up her vaginal secretions, but most importantly to be there at the critical moment my Master’s cock m required to be in attendance during all sexual activity at the house. When Master and Mistress are alone in m required to be in attendance during all sexual activity at the house. When Master and Mistress are alone in the bedroom my main duty is to rim my Mistress during penetration and to lap up her vaginal secretions, but most importantly to be there at the critical moment my Master’s cock flops out. I have been instructed to clean Master up promptly before cleaning up my Mistress. If I allow the sheets to get wet I get punished. My Mistress keeps me in chastity 2the bedroom my main duty is to rim my Mistress during penetration and to lap up her vaginal secretions, but most importantly to be there at the critical moment my Master’s cock flops out. I have been instructed to clean Master up promptly before cleaning up my Mistress. If I allow the sheets to get wet I get punished. My Mistress keeps me in chastity 2flops out. I have been instructed to clean Master up promptly before cleaning up my Mistress. If I allow the sheets to get wet I get punished. My Mistress keeps me in chastity 24/7, and during parties I’m turned into a sissy and made to perform full clean up duties as instructed. I don’t know why I enjoy this cucky lifestyle. Maybe someone else can answer that question.

  2. ittybit October 13, 2016 at 8:07 am

    I was getting married to an older Thai lady she was 28 and I was 19. My parents and brothers and sisters traveled to our house and were staying with us for the wedding which was the next day. She told me she needed to go talk to her old boyfriend and make sure he realized she was getting married. She told me she be back soon. Our wedding was scheduled for two the next day. She did not return that night and he dropped her off at about 12 looking all disheveled my entire family watched this and just looked at me and I just put my head down. That was just the beginning. Let me go back about 6 months in time. I was in the Military and a virgin. I went to the base club with my buddies to drink. My future wife who we will call May asked me to dance which we did a couple of times. She than asked me to go to her place. We started making out when She saw my dick she giggled and said it was so cute. I asked her if it was too small and she said no. Anyway she fucked me and sucked my dick I was in love. Yes I married the first pussy I had. We kept seeing each other for a month before she told me to move in. For the next five months she would bring lunch to work and suck my dick in the car. I got home from work she handed me a beer took my boots off and started sucking my dick and than proceeded to fuck my brains out. Life could not have been better I asked her to marry me which she said yes. When she came home the day of our wedding I was so pissed off she could do that in front of my family none the less she apologized and said it was the last time she wanted one last fling before we were married. I wanted to call it off but my family traveled along way so we got married. We had a short honeymoon than returned home and off to work I went. I would come home to a note saying there was fried rice on the stove and she was going to the club with her friends. This was every night. My friends would later tell me she was fucking everyone including several of them. I confronted her and she said she loved me and to trust her. We fought about it all the time. I was never having sex anymore and started to masturbate to thoughts of her fucking around. I knew I had a small dick and would jack off to the thought of her getting fucked by dudes with big dicks. I was so conflicted we fought all the time I accused her of fucking around and she always denied it. I came home one day early and heard a noise in the spare bedroom I walked in and she was fucking a friend of mine. I lost my mind he grab his clothes and left butt ass naked. We fought for hours after that than she said she was so sorry. She blamed me because I never fucked her and all I did was jackoff. We fucked that night I was so turned on knowing I was fucking her after she fucked my friend. This pattern would continue for several months she was always at the club fucking around with anyone and everyone. I was the laughing stock of all my friends behind my back. We would fight tooth and nail over this. I was still turned on and jacking off 3 to 4 times a day at the thought of her fucking other men but would be pissed off we when I confronted her. She had a friend who was an older Thai lady about 35 who was kinda like the patriarch of her group of friends. One day she approached me and said that it was ok to have a small dick some girls liked that. She told me I needed to stop jacking off and start fucking my wife. I was so embarrassed and ashamed. I just lowered my head and said yes. I was so pissed when I was alone with my wife I could not believe she told her I had a small dick and jacked off all the time. She just said will maybe you start fucking me than. I told her I didn’t have a chance because she was fucking everyone else. I came home from work one day to the same old note fired rice on the stove and she went out with her friends. I went to the bedroom to change I noticed a Manila envelope half way under the bed I grab it and opened it up. Inside was photos of my wife fucking some guy. Photos of her sucking his big dick, photos of her fucking him and a photo of him cumming all over her pussy. My little dick was so hard. I stripped down and laid on the bed jacking off to those photos. After about four minutes the closet door burst open and it was the older Thai lady. I was trying to cover up and at the same time hide the photos. She came right over and sat next to me and said it was ok. She told me she took the photos that she and the wife always thought that it turned me on my wife was fucking other men. She came up with this plan. She started showing me the photos and saying how he fucked my wife his big dick so good while I jacked off. I came as she was showing me the last photo of him cumming all over my wife’s pussy. Afterwards she talked to me about not being able to please her because I was so small. She told me it was ok to allow her to fuck around. She than called my wife speaking in Thai laughing several times I understood a word or two such as jack wa and quay which means jack off and dick. She hung up and told me she would be here after she fucked the guy in the photo. She showed up about 45 minutes later and stripped naked where her friend told me me eat the cum out of my wife’s pussy asking while I was doing it if it tasted good. She told me I had tasted it before that I just didn’t know it. I was now a full blown cuckold only I did not know that term than. That was 36 years ago. She ended up leaving me about four years later. She fell in love with one of her big dick boyfriends. I am still a cuckold to this day and would not have it any other way.

  3. paulocamacho July 17, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    Divine and Holy Mistress/Supreme Goddess Ava Black:

    I first realise that i wanted to be a cuckold of a Supreme Goddess as YOU are since i started worshipping Madame Sarka in 2005, i was her slave in 2005 and 2006, and i discover since the beginning that She was out of my league. So since then i discover that i wanted to be a cuckold of a Supreme Goddess as YOU are Supreme Goddess Black Ava.
    I find the notion of serving obediently The Supreme Goddess i worship, YOU Supreme Goddess Black Ava, and YOUR lover, extremely erotic and it excites me.
    I devoted myself to obey and serve to The Supreme Goddess i worship, YOU Supreme Goddess Black Ava, sexual explorations with no expectations of any gratification.
    I just want to obey and serve YOU Supreme Goddess Black Ava in any way YOU decide superiourly , no matter what it is, to be used and abused by YOU as YOUR white slave Supreme Goddess Black Ava.

    I kneel and bow down before YOU Supreme Goddess Black Ava

    Paulo Camacho

  4. Trev November 15, 2015 at 5:49 am

    My only experience of being cuckolded was accepting my girlfriend’s infidelity, only for her to then walk out on me. I was fine with it so leaving was entirely her own decision.
    However, cuckold fantasies have stirred in me over the past year or two, but up to now they remain just fantasies. I attended some BDSM events in London this year and feel I want to be the property of a strong and beautiful woman.
    Mistress Ava, I fantasise a lot about you, about being your devoted cuckold slave. You command me by SMS to attend your fuck sessions at short notice. You clearly don’t like the sheets to get wet. You retain the only key to my chastity device, since I’m fully aware cuckold slave training is only truly effective when combined with chastity. If only I had the money to live this dream life with you, Mistress Ava. I’m almost tempted to rob a bank.

  5. ich197740 October 30, 2015 at 12:55 am

    An ex girlfriend around 12 years ago cheated on me behind my back and had an affair with a guy. It was a long drawn out process that completely mindfucked me, created intense stomach churning emotional feelings that I found over time had made me weak, submissive, arousing and I’ve chased the emotion toying headfuck ever since. I crave the feeling of being used, played, teased and ultimately rejected for another man. The “cuckold angst” is a complete emotional rollercoaster from the highs of helping her get ready, the excitement of seeing how perfect she looks before her date to the isolation and loneliness of being sat alone and ignored, waiting for her to return knowing you have been completely manipulated and taken advantage of yet being too weak to do anything about it. Knowing youre not even in her thoughts while another man is ripping off the underwear you’ve paid for is self esteem crushing but its addictive too and I keep coming back for more.

  6. pet rock September 8, 2015 at 10:24 am

    Hi Mistress

    My experience of cuckolding was with my first girlfriend. I was always turned on by powerful women, even as a child I had bizarre fantasies about what can only be described as Amazonian goddesses.

    My first girlfriend, Alison, was a very pretty, tall and fine. Basically the writing was on the wall! After a year she was with me, but really wanted more, but I think felt sorry for me. She started to see a guy called Paul, who was younger than me, but very tall and powerfully built. Needless to say she started fucking him. What was weird is that she told ne about it, and what was weirder was that I got turned on. The more dirty the sex she had, the more I wanted to here. I know now she made me lick her out after she had sex, and that I was made a laughing stock – but I didn’t mind. She told me that Paul thought I was pathetic, and when he saw me at the Uni gym, he couldn’t believe how small my cock was and how she ended up with me!

    This turned me on even more – I asked her if I could participate in her sex sessions. She agreed, but Paul said I was to be tied up, and that he would control the situation. I was made to clean Alison up and Paul pissed on me – I was completely degraded. I enjoyed 12 months of cuckoldem and Alison was devastated when Paul moved away. Her next partner, Phillip, wasn’t as much fun. Alison would still come home and tell me all about it, and I would clean her up, but this time Phillip wanted her all to herself.

    Since then I have struggled to find another partner interested, but once bitten forever hooked…

  7. Brian August 7, 2015 at 2:55 pm

    I started watching shemale porn and wanting to participate I plucked up the courage to visit a shemale escort and ended up sucking cock for the first time. Umpteen Shemales later I decided to try some escort couples. With the first two couples I went to see I just watched them perform together. I wasn’t turned on by the guys at all. The 3rd couple was this tasty Polish blonde and her BBC boyfriend. She was stunning and he had a gym body and a ridiculously huge cock. They offered a cuckold service which interested me. I had experienced black shemales before so the progression to this guy wasn’t a big one since his body and cock were both clean shaven. I orally prepared both then watched them fuck in various positions. Every now and again I got to suck the pussy juices off his cock. I was incredibly turned on by this. I also got the chance to suck his balls and lick her clit while they were fucking. He finally came inside her doggy style. I cleaned him up first. His cum actually tasted quite pleasant. I managed to suck all the cum out of her next. I have visited this couple more than a dozen times so far. I have not attempted to make contact with any other couples. These two seem perfect.

    Mistress Ava, I may be interested to try your cuckold service. Master Apollo looks very impressive, as do you. What would your no-limits cuckold service entail?

    • avablack August 27, 2015 at 10:29 pm

      You mean Master Black Man Pole? I kept looking at your message wondering who Apollo is.

      Email me on ava@strictblackmistress.com and let us discuss your servitude.

  8. travis July 11, 2015 at 8:04 am

    I’m just a wannabe cuckold, but it started for me with discovering what cuckolding was online. I have always been submissive, so, I came across cuckolding by chance while looking at other fetish material. To my surprise, I was instantly turned on by the idea, and have been obsessed with it ever since (about 2 years). I love the submissive aspect; being cucked seems like the pinnacle of submissiveness.

    • avablack July 13, 2015 at 5:04 pm

      And it definitely is, so have you gone beyond watching fetish clips to actually serving?

      • travis July 15, 2015 at 3:22 am

        No. I have always tried to incorporate it into my relationships, but it never really took root with anyone.

        • avablack July 17, 2015 at 9:21 am

          Do you bring this conversation up before or after you start dating?

  9. bendrew June 18, 2015 at 9:59 pm

    I married a beautiful woman 17 years ago. I knew then as I know now that it was my wealth primarily that attracted her to me. Our sex life was normal for about the first 4 years. Having this beautiful woman in my bed was everything I had hoped for. Eventually though I discovered she was seeing other men. I didn’t want to lose her so decided to say nothing about it. Only when she started refusing sex did I mention it. She tried to deny it but I said it was ok, that I would rather share her than lose her, not to mention losing half my wealth. She admitted her affairs were purely sexual, that I didn’t provide her with enough sexual excitement. I asked her not to stop me having sex with her, and that she could see other men if she wished. She agreed.
    Returning home from work a few weeks later my wife said she was feeling horny and wanted me to perform oral sex on her. It was unusually early but didn’t hestitate to do so. In retrospect I was only vaguely aware of how different she tasted. Later she told me she had invited one of her lovers around while I was at work. It was then I realised he must have cum inside her and that I was licking from her the last traces of his semen. Far from feeling upset at this I felt vaguely excited. This is really where my cuckold lifestyle started to take off.

    • avablack June 20, 2015 at 3:09 pm

      mmm, nice
      You describe something so many men are subjected to by kinky femmes but never actually realise. The power of having a man who truly idolises you worship you where another man has only recently been shagging you rough. Thrilling! The daring of it!
      Do you now have your wife’s lovers visit regularly? Or do you provide the foreplay and afterplay? After all you provide the stability and warmth that she desires but can never provide the virile masculinity that she needs.

      • bendrew June 20, 2015 at 6:54 pm

        Our cuckold lifestyle has made our marriage very solid. My wife would not want to lose me and I would not want to lose her. I still have sex with her but penetration was never all that important to me. I’m more into full body worship. I love bathing her and shaving her legs. It’s also been my job to keep her pussy neatly groomed. We both prefer the half brazillian look, and I’m always the first to suck her freshly shaven peach. We socialise quite a bit, and have no trouble meeting handsome young men. I’ll ask my wife if she sees anyone she fancies. We usually approach him together and after a few preliminaries I tell him my wife wants to fuck his brains out. I love seeing the reaction. Some guys get nervous and leave. Others wrestle with their initial shock but are soon keen. In 12 years my wife has fucked more than 400 guys, with a fair number in groups. She always refuses to use condoms. She loves being inseminated. I’ve watched several well hung guys unload in her one after another. She’s an amazing sight when she’s on heat. It’s only when our guests leave that I perform a full clean up of this gorgeous woman. I’ve grown to love the taste of semen and will happily lick all traces of it from her body. This ritual really bonds us as a couple. She’s 39 this year and I suppose has entered the cougar phase of her life. Her sexual confidence is unshakable. Most of the men she fucks need some encouragement, initially. I guess they have never met anyone like her before. Fellatio and talking dirty usually gets the ball rolling, though. I’ll watch her fuck the same guy until he comes 4 times in less than 90 minutes. Her favourite positions are cowgirl and doggy. However, it is only because of our relationship that she has become a devourer of men. I am proud of the part that I have played.

  10. jampot April 19, 2015 at 12:15 am

    I lost my confidence with the opposite sex in my early teens due to extreme shyness and to this day have never had a girlfriend. I’m 43 now and had my first sexual experience at 33 with a black prostitute. I didn’t remove any of my clothes since all I wanted was to eat her pussy and asshole. This I did and felt elated afterwards. After I got home I wanked myself and had one of my best orgasms. Over the next ten years I’ve been with many whores, none that were white. I don’t know exactly why I prefer black women but it pleases me that most like having their pussies and asses eaten. I don’t believe I will ever use my cock on a woman. In a way it’s a shame, since I’m very well endowed, but I feel grateful that I live in a part of the world where I can pay beautiful black women for the privilege of tasting their sex.
    I have not tried cuckolding, but have fantasized about it this past year. Maybe this will be the next step to satisfy my voyerism. Not sure about cleaning the bull though. Does one have a choice?

    • avablack April 19, 2015 at 2:19 am

      Are you still a virgin for the penetrative side of sex?

      And in response yes the only time I allow pussy licking is during cuckolding. And the slave does get a choice on level of interaction before the play session. Not during.

      • jampot April 19, 2015 at 5:29 am

        No women has ever seen my cock let alone touch it. By the time I was 33 I was clear in my mind that if my time with a woman is limited I don’t want to waste it fucking. My desire to bury my face in a woman’s nether regions is very strong. Facesitting is awesome. Black booty is awesome
        My earliest erotic dreams as a boy had me being this tom thumb character living inside a woman’s panties, among all those warm moist pubes. Maybe it expresses a desire to return to the womb.

        • avablack April 20, 2015 at 1:16 pm

          Mmm, maybe!
          Goodness only knows so many men spend so much time trying to find their way back in there one way or another. But of course to be buried so very close to her sex, knowing that you are at most a mild irritation that she could simply inhale you is the true power. Love it!

          • jampot April 22, 2015 at 2:17 pm

            My lack of a proper relationship with a woman has in the end made me an autogynephile. This has given rise to the strongest fantasies I’ve had, the desire to be transformed into a woman. I’m not talking sissification or forced-bi or anything this superficial. I’d like to be forcibly incarcerated by a domme and her bulls, and systematically over a 2 to 3 year period turned into a shemale, before finally being pimped out as a prostitute.
            If a magic button existed to change me from a straight man into a straight woman I’d press it, but alas, only a slow and painful process can destroy all that is male and replace it with what is female. I know I could not make this physical and mental transition under my own steam, so I wish that someone would force me to undertake it with no way back. Shemale prostitutes often make better money than normal prostitutes so all surgical costs could be recouped in as little as 6 months, leaving my domme to make a considerable profit.

          • avablack June 20, 2015 at 3:06 pm

            Silly little whippet
            Of course this all depends on just how many are willing to pay for a transitioning femme. I suspect much would need to be changed in you?
            So essentially you are not so much a cuck as you are a non-sexual psychologically castrated female trapped in a masculine body?

  11. McPaulus March 27, 2015 at 9:28 pm

    I think it goes all the way back to my early teens. I was very shy and lacked any confidence around girls. Since I could never imagine that they would have any interest in me, I put them on a pedestal and worshipped them from afar. It’s fair to say I was in awe of them – they seemed to incredibly confident and self-assured compared to me. And, of course, they had the POWER. They could crush me with a word. I was even more in awe of girls who had lost their virginity (or who were rumoured to have done so). Their experience and knowledge placed them even further out of my reach, made them even more likely to pour scorn on virginal me.

    Time went on and I eventually lost my virginity and had girlfriends. But I remained irresistibly drawn to women that evoked those feelings of awe from my youth. Strong, confident women…women whose sexual experience was such that I could never hope to be their sexual partner in a traditional sense. So I embrace the role of cuckold as one in which I can be with the kind of woman I worship. By supporting her in any way I can, I can help make her happy, which makes me happy.

    When did I know? I only applied the label when I was already in my thirties, but I think that deep down I “knew” as a teenager that I could never satisfy the kind of girl/woman I so admired.

    • avablack March 30, 2015 at 1:31 am

      I hear you on that paul. I find that if I engage with a ‘natural’ cuck in the vanilla world they very quickly almost hand me over to men they feel are more my type. Very funny, I love to play on this during dates. Love and hate thing for them I guess. Do you find when a female casually mentions guys she is attracted to that you feel about 5 inches small, but are super turned on? I love that look of helpless arousal in a guy’s eyes…

      • McPaulus April 1, 2015 at 9:11 pm

        Yes indeed. If a woman I know to be out of my league deigns to engage with me I assume it is merely a matter of time before she goes off with someone more suitable. Yes, it leaves me both 5 inches tall and yet I then want her more than ever.

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