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Top 10 bestselling femdom clips of all time!

Have you ever wondered what videos have been the most popular in my Femdom clipstore? I was wondering exactly the same thing so I thought I'd pull up the list of the top selling clips since I started Domination. I can tell you something: even I was surprised by what has had you hot [...]

Chastity what are you saying yes to?

As you know, I am a chastity key holder as well as Findom. Today I am going to explore with you a little bit about chastity and what you are getting into when you engage in chastity in a Femdom context. So before you ask what is chastity what are you saying yes to [...]

Video Update: The chaste sex slave

Mistress teases her chaste sex slave while he is locked away in chastity. She begins by teasing his cock so that it is rock hard and straining against his device. He is gagging for release but she has no intention of letting him loose from his confines. After all his sole pleasure is to be [...]

Master Black Man Pole is back! September 2nd filmed Domination sessions

Next Wednesday we will be having a filmed Domination day with Master Black Man Pole! You will remember him from other session days I have held with him as well as my Gay for a Day parties! For those of you that have met him you will surely agree that he is both firm yet [...]

Do you think I should design a chastity ring for you?

I have been thinking about this for a very long time. I came across the concept of a chastity ring or purity ring a long time ago. Apparently it's very popular in religious circles. But I really really want a chastity ring for my locked boys. I just wonder though how that would work out. [...]

Chastity play and why I find it so incredibly hot – 3 short reasons

Short term or long term chastity play? I'm sure if you've ever dabbled with this kind of stuff you will understand how incredibly erotic it is for both parties. So you can probably appreciate how it feels from a personal relationship point of view, but what would a Domme get out of it you might [...]

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