Financial Domination

Power control dynamics? Stressed out with financial decision making? Seeking clarity and simplicity?

Mistress Ava Black is looking for findom slaves and cash cows for long term servitude.

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Everyone needs a break sometimes, especially if you are busy running a company or processing lots of business decisions on a daily basis. Maybe you simply want to let go of your responsibilities and let someone take charge?

Mistress Ava Black is here to help, with a range of Financial Domination options suited to your position and status. From long term cash cows and VIP findom slaves; right through to fly-by newbies, Mistress Ava Black will help you reach your true slave potential. She will allow you to relinquish control gradually, and experience feelings of relief, wellbeing and satisfaction in the process.

When you become one of her findom slaves, you will experience true financial domination at the hands of a truly experienced and exquisite Mistress.. Forget the one-size-fits-all shouty shouty Mistresses you’ve seen before, Mistress Ava Black dives straight into the core of you to tease out your true slave desires. She will quite simply leave you weak at the knees!

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Some of the benefits of servitude

  • Opportunity to let go and let Mistress take charge
  • Financial decisions are taken out of your hands giving you stress free pleasure and a chance to TRULY serve
  • Huge adrenaline rush in giving over total control.
  • Work hard safe in the knowledge that your efforts are going towards your true Goddess.
  • Watch Mistress splurge and enjoy your hard earned cash!
  • Opportunities to demonstrate how special she is to you
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Financial Domination

Mistress Ava Black is a highly experienced international Financial Dominatrix ideal for VIP’s, cash cows and newbies who have only just begun to fantasise about relinquishing their financial power.

It’s a great way to serve and please your financial dominatrix at the same time!

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  • Serve and pamper Mistress simultaneously
  • Take a break from decision making about money.
  • Total Power Exchange and edge play. The ultimate servitude
  • Show your worth and value by rising above the rest and catching Mistress’s eye.
  • Experience true financial domination, no holds barred. Complete submission.
  • Revel in seeing your Goddess on a pedestal and know you helped to put her there.
  • Are you man enough to be Mistress’s perfect slave?
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