What is your date of birth Mistress so I can send you a gift?2015-02-22T17:52:09+00:00

February 6th.

If you are at a loss for what to get me just visit my Amazon wishlist.

How long have you been a Findom Mistress?2015-02-22T17:44:28+00:00

Officially I have been a Findom Mistress only since 2014.

Prior to that I was a professional Dominatrix since 2011. I always felt disgusted and surprised by just how many guys out there are trawling the web slagging off proDommes and yet are clawing away at our doors begging for services. I have a short attention span for cheap, so I never played that game. Besides, I was never desperate enough for their pennies to want to play donkey carrot with them.

Before Domination I had many guys who were my benefactors for one reason or the other. I used to love the games I could play to see how quickly I could extract money from guys. My record stands at £1,000 for a bet taken within 3 hours of meeting a guy. He bet I couldn’t jiggle my butt like a stripper. He lost.

I loved it! Going around and finding guys to manipulate with my looks and effortless flirtation, making them feel like heaven while doing the breaststroke in their wallets! Discovering that what I had been doing since I knew that my breasts were lethal weapons was a ‘thing’ just made my life complete. Now I have narrowed down the selection criteria to an art, no more will he or won’t he? Now I know that he will, you will, they will, you all will! And I will wallow in it all!

Old school, new school, or just bitchy I don’t know. But what I do know is that for me there is only one way money should flow. And that is in my direction from all the guys who desire my time or attention. Guys always pay on a date, they always pay for shopping sprees, and if they want to talk to me directly they always pay. My admin slaves handle the bulk of my first line communication and send me the juicy ones. I really don’t have any time for the ‘let’s hang out friendzone guys’.

Why do you offer Financial Domination and chastity? Aren’t they completely different?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

Yes and no.

Both of them obey the very simple requirement which is Total Power Exchange.

Financial Domination obeys the principle that money is a major tool of self-identity and success. To hand over this control to someone else is the ultimate surrender. Disregarding your future to better another’s. In this case someone who will keep making you re-adjust your life and energies so you can keep pouring money into a bottomless well. Chastity works along the lines of containing the most primal drive and pulling the ultimate surrender from someone one denied orgasm at a time.

For me it is such a rush to completely take over and manipulate someone. I desire for them to become more focused on the overall objective, which is to be both pleasing and amusing to me. I’m demanding. I’m unrelenting. I require complete subservience. If you are unable to get to a point of self-denial then we will have very little in common.

But I might very well mess with your head in the process.

So my ideal would be someone who is completely chaste and focused, and makes the necessary sacrifices to make my life much more comfortable. Those that feel the need to fight and resist will find themselves blocked, banned, and just ignored. Those that feel the magnetic pull of my deep brown eyes will find themselves led, teased, contained, intoxicated, and manipulated expertly.

My looks and my brain are a wonderfully deadly duo and are designed with the very simple goal of completely owning you.

How do I become your financial Domination slave?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

You start by reading the page on Financial Domination and Paypigs.

Then you contact me on Skype to discuss whether we have any synergy. You might want to take my Quiz first just to be sure we are looking for the same thing.

If you satisfy my criteria then I will direct you to the application form where you can fill out a more comprehensive application.

How much does it cost to be a Financial Domination slave or finsub?2015-02-22T17:13:36+00:00

As much as I choose it to cost.

Silly muppet.

A financial Domination slave must realise that he is well and truly owned in every aspect. My questionnaire makes sure that you give me juicy deets on yourself so that you can’t slither away when it suits you. After all, being the pillar of the community like you are….

And besides…

I’m not cheap!

But then again your life is so boring that to try and slither back into mundane would surely be far more painful than the adrenaline-filled highs you will experience once I have you firmly by the wallet.

I am worried about what will appear on my bank statements or credit card bill?2015-02-22T17:09:33+00:00

All payments will reflect as Infinity Solutions 365 Ltd. You can even set up a standing order if you like so it looks like you’re paying a bill. Consultancy services, computer repairs, whatever. What you say is up to you.

Soon I’ll be set up to take payments via credit card. Check back to find out more about this. I’m making it much easier and more deliciously exquisite to rinse you. So you have no excuse.

Purchases of audio and video files, as well as physical goods are processed by CCBill on behalf of Infinity Solutions 365 Ltd.

What forms of payment do you accept?2019-03-20T16:22:49+00:00

Online payment through the site.

Online payment through my various clipstores. Visit my “Worship” Page now for more details.

Bank transfer, even international.

Bank deposit.

Bitcoin. Details on “Worship” Page

Can I pay in goods or services instead?2015-02-22T17:06:33+00:00

Ffo kcuf!

I have a lot of expenditure this month can I change the amount?2015-02-22T17:05:49+00:00

Of course you may. I always prefer you pay me more and negotiate your other bills. But if you reduce your payments then I will just add the difference owed to the following months. And charge a 10% loan interest per month. Okay?

My wife/partner checks my phone/emails/bank account how can I be more discreet?2015-02-22T17:04:17+00:00

By keeping your phone/emails/bank account more secure! Duh!

Cash baby cash.

Meet me on Skype, arrange an ATM meet, or just put the bills direct into my bank account.

Can I set up regular payments?2015-02-22T17:03:31+00:00

Of course you may. You can set up a standing order straight from your bank account to mine at intervals to amuse me. Or you can pay it as a bill regularly through the site.

Can I pay a lump sum?2015-02-22T17:01:09+00:00

Of course

Do I have to complete any paperwork?2015-02-22T16:59:56+00:00

Not every time you send me money no. Discreet. I don’t even need to know who you are.

I cannot do payments from my account or through the internet. How can I send money to you?2015-02-22T16:59:11+00:00

Cash in my bank account. Ask me for the details.

Can I pay in other currencies?2015-02-22T16:50:21+00:00

Of course you may. I accept all major currencies, and the places I travel to loads I am happy to take money in.

On this site however all payments are set up in GBP so you have to pay in that.

What are you looking for from a cuckold?2015-02-22T16:47:53+00:00

To be a cuckold you need to demonstrate:

  • Complete obedience.
  • Selflessness
  • Ability to deny yourself any physical gratification while making me happy.
Do I still call you Mistress or are you babe/sugar/honey etc?2015-02-22T16:44:55+00:00

What do you think?

Do I get to have sex with you?2015-02-22T16:43:56+00:00

Hell fucking no! Look at yourself, would you fuck that?

My wife/girlfriend/partner wants to be a part of my cuckolding session. Do you permit this?2015-02-22T16:43:02+00:00

As long as they are servicing me.

It all depends on my mood and what they look like etc. I want to talk to both of you prior to the cuckolding session and decide if it works for me or not. If it doesn’t then no. If it does there are strict rules you must both follow. I will let you know then.

I’m 100% macho with balls like a pack of angry lions, but why can’t I stop imagining what it would be like to go down on another man?2015-02-22T16:40:59+00:00

Because you’ve cultivated this dumb alter-ego that you assume best defines manhood for you.

All your inner conflicts will magically melt away once you taste that first drop of the salty stuff on your tongue. Believe me.

Will your boyfriend have sex with me?2015-02-22T16:40:03+00:00




We need to get you a slot at the Apollo. Comedian!

I also have other fetishes or kinks. Can we include these in our time together?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

Of course. Prior to confirming the session do take the time to see if your fetishes or kinks show up in my Session Activities page. If you cannot see them just send me an email and ask. I will send a brief response to confirm if I can do the things you request or not.

I have sent you tonnes of emails but you still refuse to session with me. Why?2015-02-22T16:33:50+00:00

I session with whoever I choose at my discretion. If I am ignoring you then chances are you rubbed me up the wrong way. So I would strongly suggest you take a hint.

I cannot send you money online. What other ways can I pay for my session?2015-02-22T16:32:20+00:00

Bank deposit or transfer. I should shortly be set up to take credit card payments too.

What kinds of Domination session activities do you offer?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

If you hover over the Session tab in the site header bar you should be able to see a drop down menu. This leads you to the Domination Session Activities where you can see what sessions I am available for in person or online.

Do you see couples?2015-02-22T16:28:45+00:00

Yes I do. At present I do not see MM couples, but MF, FF are welcome to contact me.

Where can I see you for a Domination session?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

I conduct Domination sessions in many different places.

I am based in North Kent, but take sessions in London.

I travel infrequently around the UK.

I travel loads so I am regularly in Antwerp, Bangkok, Berlin, Dubai, and Zurich. Check my tour dates page for my most recent dates.

What are your Domination session times so I can arrange to session with you?2015-02-22T16:24:11+00:00

For face to face Domination sessions this is normally Monday to Friday 10am to 8pm GMT.

Online sessions are normally Monday to Friday 12 noon to 10pm GMT and Saturday all day till whenever.

When I am on tour my times are far more flexible.

How much do you charge for your sessions Mistress?2015-02-22T15:57:05+00:00

My rates vary depending on where you meet me. But they begin at £250 an hour. Check the shop categories for a list of the sessions I offer as well as the rates for each of these.

I have never been with a Black Woman or Black Mistress before. What will you do with me?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

Well I won’t have sex with you if that’s what you’re hoping.

I am a Black Mistress, and my services are exclusively non-sexual with you. Cuckolding sessions are the exception as you get to see me having sex. But not with you. Never with you.

I will use you for my amusement. Fetish only. Depends on my mood, depends on the areas you are curious to explore.

I am the Prince of Zamunda with 20 brides and a nation of servants. Will you come and spend time with me?2015-02-22T15:51:27+00:00

You might be royalty, but you have to take a seat and watch your true Queen rule.

Of course I will come to see you. But send the sluts away on holiday. I demand your undivided…

Will you be carrying out Domination sessions in my country soon?2016-11-14T23:42:08+00:00

If you live in a country that is not on my list of tour locations then you can fly me out to session with you. I am versatile and my Domination sessions take into account the subtleties of the D/s dynamic so I can session from either a fully equipped Dungeon or using items found in your home or local hardware store. I am very flexible. I am very creative.

What can I expect from a Domination session? This will be my first realtime session with a Mistress.2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

If you want to explore what a session entails then book a Skype session with me. We can even play out a few scenarios prior to committing to a real world session.

I like the idea of doing what I am told by a strong bossy woman, but I’m not into pain. Will this type of thing work for me?2015-02-22T15:10:39+00:00

Of course.

Domination is more subtle than simply leaping on someone and pounding the crap out of them. The painsluts are into pain for its ability to unlock a blockage. Even then they have different ways in which they explore this.

I cater to a wide range of fetishes and desires. These are detailed on this page. If your area of interest is not detailed here why not send me an email and ask me if this is something I will be catering to sometime soon. You might be surprised.

Is there a way you like your slaves to present themselves to you?2015-02-22T15:08:59+00:00

Naked and on their knees. I love this!

Do you do no-limits or taboo sessions?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

No limits and taboo sessions play with things that are seldom touched on in general play sessions. I do cater to these, but of course only if we have played several times before. I do have things that make my stomach churn. But in general I am pretty unflappable.

Please note I reserve the right to refuse any session request at my own discretion.

I never go in blind with someone on the first session. But after a few times it becomes more comfortable, you begin to trust me more. And I begin to be able to read your body language better.

After our Domination session can we hang out and get to know each other?2015-02-22T15:03:45+00:00

Of course we can hang out after our Domination session. My dinner rate is a mere £400 for up to 4 hours of my time. No kink or sex involved though. Just hanging out. Of course

Mistress I love you and I want to send you gifts! How can I do this?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

There are oh so many ways you can do this!

Read my page on Financial Domination and Paypigs for a better idea on how you can do this.

I cannot send you money online. What other ways can I pay for my session?2015-02-22T14:55:49+00:00

You can pay for your session by bank transfer or a cash deposit. I will shortly be able to take credit card payments virtually. Bookmark the site and come back for more details on this.

What is the best way to book a session online with you?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

Through this site. Look under the shop categories for my Skype sessions or Telephone Chat sessions, and choose the one best suited to you.

I have admired you from afar but have never had the courage to approach you. Is this offer genuine?2015-02-22T14:49:36+00:00

Yes it is very genuine.

What do you expect from your personal slaves?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

I have very high standards for my personal slaves. I expect you to make me your new vocation in life. If you are not ready to do this then I have no interest in you. If you are not serious then you will find me intimidating; and I will be more than slightly disappointed in you.

All applicants to the personal slave programme are expected to jump over certain hurdles. You will only pass through certain barriers once you have successfully completed my requirements. So don’t fail me once you have passed the first stage.

Are you looking for a romantic relationship?2015-02-22T14:45:25+00:00


I do not live in the UK but I am still interested in being a personal slave. Is this possible?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

Yes it is. As long as you are able and willing to travel to the UK to see me, or fly me out to where you are regularly then this is no problem. Remember though that you are my slave, I am not ‘your Mistress’, so if my times do not accommodate coming out to you then you will have to make plans to find yourself at my feet each month.

Why do you charge so much?2015-02-22T14:40:55+00:00

Because I’m worth it.

Is there a chastity emergency release fee? Penalty for emergency release?2015-02-22T14:33:17+00:00

Again, if you can give me a convincing penis related emergency then I can consider this option. Early chastity emergency release fee is £500 or 10 times the remaining number of days of lockup for that month. Whichever is greater.

When you go under lockdown this is following the initial assessment period of 6 weeks of mental chastity. You will have reported to me that you have managed to survive through this period of chastity. So your emergency had better be damn good. Because you will be heavily fined for it.

I have had a lot of bills this month can I reduce my payment for this month?2015-02-22T14:30:35+00:00

Sure thing. But this will accrue to the following months until you pay it off. Of course.

Do I need to document my progress for you and if so what’s the best way?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

I encourage you to keep an online blog that is open to public view. Google and WordPress both have good blogger services. Make me aware when you have posted up some new stuff. If I like your post I will reblog or repost excerpts from here, so do make it as detailed as you can. Also include pictures. I like pictures.

On my programme as well you will get weekly Skype sessions with me so you can touch base and let me know how you are getting on.

I’m feeling horny what can I do when I feel that way?2015-02-22T14:19:53+00:00


Whatever you do when you’re horny, don’t think about sex. Go for a run, take a cold shower, clean the house, take long deep breaths and focus on something like gummi bears in a field of liquorice, anything to take your mind off what your penis is doing. Besides, the fact that you will most likely be on fire will do tonnes to help the lust go away.

How do I go to the toilet in my chastity device?2015-02-22T14:18:33+00:00

Whilst some guys say they can stand at the urinal and use their chastity device with no problems I would still advise you begin to familiarise yourself with the cubicles. Less mess.

Do I have to wear it at work?2015-02-22T14:16:15+00:00

Unless you are only wearing it to sessions with me then yes you will wear it 24/7.

I have a small/micropenis/large cock is that a problem?2015-02-22T14:12:59+00:00

Not for me no.

Your micropenis or mega penis is none of my concern.

It might be for you though.

The range of devices that I favour for long-term use are the CB-x ones. They cater for penises from roughly 2 inches in length to about 3 ½ inches in length. At present they do not cater for lengths outside of this sadly. Do email them and make a request though, I am sure if enough of us do then they might just create a new one for you large/small guys. Too bad if you are a show-er and not a grower.

I would like to book a session with you and have my partner present. Is this a problem?2016-11-14T23:42:09+00:00

This is not a problem at all. There is no extra charge either for this. You can book a session through the site as normal and pay for the number of hours you require. In the case where I am mentoring or tutoring your partner then I am more than happy for him/her to sit in on the session. If however you would both like to be Dominated then I do charge extra for this. I am also happy to answer any questions you both may have during the time of our session together, as well as show you some of the practicalities involved in a session.

My wife/girlfriend/partner wants to discuss the matter of my chastity with you. Do you offer advice to couples?2016-11-14T23:43:54+00:00

I do indeed. Book a Skype session with me and I will be happy to speak with both of you about what chastity means to you and how you can explore it.

I have a partner and sometimes may need to remove it. Is this allowed?2016-11-14T23:43:54+00:00