Chastity what are you saying yes to?

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Chastity what are you saying yes to?

As you know, I am a chastity key holder as well as Findom.

Today I am going to explore with you a little bit about chastity and what you are getting into when you engage in chastity in a Femdom context.

So before you ask what is chastity what are you saying yes to I think you need to ask what chastity is and how the rest of the world views it.

When you look at the Collins Dictionary they describe:
Chastity – noun
abstinence from sexual intercourse; virginity or celibacy

Abstinence means refraining from or denying yourself something. It is a choice. And because it is a choice it is very important for me that anyone wishing to engage in chastity play with me makes that vow of chastity first of all to themselves and then to me. It will be hard, but it will be worth it!

So when the rest of the world looks at chastity they are considering a situation where you make a choice to abstain from poking your stick into any of the warm fires offered up to you.

This is for any number of reasons. Maybe you belong to a faith or belief that dictates this. Maybe you are a new era of male that is abstaining from visual stimuli and feel that to break the cycle chastity has to be centre stage of this decision. Maybe you are in a courtship where celibacy has been agreed by both parties. And maybe, just maybe, you have come across me and I have decided that this is a fun way for you to serve me. There are a myriad of reasons why someone would engage in chastity in the modern world. And with or without devices is as personal as the reasons you might choose to take it up in the first place.

So I shall speak of chastity and what you are saying yes to when you engage my services. Because I think there are so many variations to how you can engage with a person that there is no point exploring the irrelevant.

When you engage my services I want you to first of all take up six weeks device-free. This means that for six weeks you will live as though you had a chastity device in place. You will be expected to abstain from any type of stimulation of your organ as I see fit, and you will report to me during our weekly conversations how you are progressing, as well as any pitfalls you might experience. I am not expecting you to be perfect during this time. In fact quite the opposite! I quite expect that this will be a period of much anguish emotionally as well as physically. I expect that even if you start off strong you will soon come to realise what we all do… this world is full of temptation and you no doubt have habits that will in themselves take more than six weeks to expunge.

For those of my clients who are then unable or unwilling to wear a device then this will be their way of life after the six weeks. For those who then will have decided to wear a device we will have a device wearing ceremony either in person or online if you are too far away from me. I will assign you a programme of unlocking as well as feedback sessions where you can explain to me what is going on on a weekly basis with regards your device. This can range from anything to do with hygiene, to unexpected moments of excitement, even right down to relationship issues. It is as individual as you are.

Here’s where it does get serious though. You must realise that when you first make a commitment to pursue chastity as a lifestyle you are driven by a pure motivation. I am the catalyst that will guide you through even when it becomes harder for you to remember what first motivated you to take up chastity. I am unrelenting in my pursuit of your goals. So if you set yourself twelve weeks in chastity for example I will make sure that you live up to it regardless of any hesitations or resistance you might face.

So when you sign up to chastity with me you are signing up to a mentorship, a personal training, as well as a bootcamp for the mind and the body. In short, you are signing up to becoming a new you, a better you. And that is the best thing anyone can hope for is it not?

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