Mistress Ava Black’s Chastity Training Programme

A must for all chastity slaves. This is a programme for your personal chastity development which will make you the envy of slaves worldwide.  This will take you from simply fantasising and turn you into the ultimate chastity slave. Sign up to Mistress Ava Black’s intensive and unique chastity training programme and earn your right to be the ultimate chastity slave .

Sign up today.  You know you want to.

Do you have persistent urges to pleasure yourself?

Feel aroused most of the time?

Do you enjoy being controlled by a Mistress?

Could you benefit from that extra special guidance in your personal life?

Or are you neglecting the needs of your partner?

Answering yes to these questions means that you would make a suitable candidate for my Chastity training programme.

This is a demanding programme and it will require your unwavering commitment in order to be successful.  I do not tolerate failure so you can rest assured that once you start then you WILL succeed in this training even if it means disciplinary measures.

Success in each stage of the programme is met with appropriate rewards. Be the envy of chastity slaves worldwide and take your commitment to me to the next level.

Apply for this special programme and receive my continued personal support and tutelage.

Enrol today and start your training straight away.

Sign up for Keyholding and receive:

  • Step by step chastity guidance and exercises to focus your mind and your body.
  • One to One webcam consultations via Skype.
  • Regular task setting with reports expected and assessed.
  • An unparalleled well-structured chastity training programme
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  • All sizes catered for (from x-small to OMG!)
  • Structured training programme tailored to your needs.
  • Regular consultations and Skype progress meetings
  • Regular task setting and objectives to be completed.
  • Become the ultimate chastity slave. How long can you stay a locked boy?
  • There is free chastity support to all registered members of the chastity key holding programme.

Chastity Slave Case Study

This slave was referred to me by his partner. She was tired of him watching porn and playing with himself. He was so hooked on porn in fact, that when it came to their sexy time it was either over before she could catch her breath or it never got off the ground at all.  She felt that he really needed my services to make him more in tune with her needs. She asked me for more of a guidance approach versus full on Domination.

Within just a few days, his porn viewing was reduced. He pledged a commitment to my programme and gradual conditioning in order to meet my targets whilst also pleasing his partner sexually.  No more being kept awake or being woken by the sound of a sneaky masturbation session for her. He had a set schedule for the fun stuff. And he adhered to it.

Over time we introduced the chastity device. That was a game changer. Even if this slave was tempted to deviate from my structured programme, he could no longer do this. His wife and I held the key to the chastity device and he could only negotiate release with one or both of us. This was usually tied in to him performing an act that was either amusing or useful to either of us. Upon his first release date he experienced the most intense orgasm of his life! His willy was now suddenly more receptive to the slightest touch! What’s more, he found he could ‘get it up’ more than ever before. (Probably because he knew his freedom would be short lived.)

I closely monitor the progress of all my chastity slaves and expect detailed reports. I find that both sides benefit greatly from regular feedback on how the slave is coping with their new state of being and completing my tasks.

Chastity slaves who complete my programme (remember I do not tolerate failure and strict penalties are applied to ensure your continued success in the programme) are truly worthy of being a true chastity slave.


Become the ultimate chastity slave enrol today and realise your potential

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Applications are strictly limited, so challenge and reward yourself by taking this journey with me! You don’t just call yourself a chastity slave. You have to earn it!  Sign up today and start to earn the right to be the ultimate chastity slave!

  • Become a true chastity slave
  • Be the envy of chastity slaves worldwide
  • Have the satisfaction of truly earning your status as a chastity slave