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/Work and that

Site sale starts soon!

Just 2 more days to go... What better way to start your April? No April fool's prank! To celebrate our first month officially back online we are having a massive site sale on image sets and audio files! The average saving is at least 20% with some image sets going for as little as £1.99!!!! [...]

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Sheer Exhaustion… and joy!!!!

Right!!!! I'm done for today! You know, the great thing about doing something that no one has ever done before is that it is such a frikking rush! when you see what you have been picturing in your mind start to take shape. The terrible thing about doing something that has never been done before [...]

Forward movement wahey!!!

Work.. Or a beast like it... So today tech slave floated by to help me out with the site. You know, when I tell you that I hate working on creating the site I doubt you realise just how deep that hatred goes.... I have been on the pro circuit now since 2011. Not a [...]

Working hard? Or hardly working… I never quite know which

Today I had a shoot with Kinky Mistresses website at my home. I have worked for them a fair bit over the last few years and I love the creativity as well as the drive of the guys behind it. They are uber professional and highly skilled. Talent such as the Germans' is pretty much [...]