Foot fetish video updates

/Foot fetish video updates

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New Year new content! As you have probably realised I have tonnes of juicy new videos instore for you! Why not splash on a New Year's sale that you really want by heading over to my iWantClips store and saving 60% on videos now! From December 26th 2017 to January 15th 2018 you [...]

Video Update: shoe lickers’ training day

Mistress Ava Black is very particular about how she wishes her shoe slaves to service her needs. She instructs her slave boi to be very careful not to get his sweat all over her gorgeous strappy sandals. Instead he is to use only his tongue to delicately remove her shoes and worship her soles as [...]

Video Update: Lick my spit off her boots!

Mistresses are in the mood for a little game. But it won't be a game that the slave will enjoy... Because they want the slave to employ his super subby skills to catch spit as it trickles down each of his Mistresses' boots in turn. O what fun! Lick my spit off her boots!

Video Update: The sissy and the slut serve their Mistresses – part 2

Part 2 of the slave's training, and the Mistresses turn up the heat! Not convinced that their slaves are doing an altogether adequate job, the ladies decide to teach them the meaning of passion. First by deep snogging each other, they lead the way in demonstrating to the sissy and the slut exactly how much [...]

Video Update: The sissy and the slut serve their Mistresses – part 1

The sissy and the fuck slut are called upon to worship their Mistresses shoes. One pair of boots, velvet pumps, and strappy sandals. These wenches have their jobs cut out for them! Mistresses require their undivided attention to make sure they get the job done right! In part one the slaves are introduced to their [...]